On 2002-03-05 at 1358.53 +1300, KEVIN.BRYSON typed this mail:
> Hello There,
> I know my query will sound very basic to you guys who know all about
> GIMP, but I am just an old codger who like to play with this sort of
> program.
> I am trying to modify a graphic document by changing the existing text.
> I have managed to erase the existing text, but I can't get the Text Tool
> to work. I have printed out the on-line manual, but there is no
> information in the Text page. I have also browsed through all of the
> Tutorials I can find, but my problem is obviously too elementary to be
> covered in them.
> If someone could point me in the right direction to find some basic
> tuition on using the Text Tool I would greatly appreciate it.
> I live in New Zealand.
well, two things that i know of.

1) double clicking on the Text Tool button will give you a dialog that
allows you to choose Dynamic Text.  the default text tool is terrible,
imo.  this might not fix the font problems though.

2) there is another text plug-in located here
http://freetype.gimp.org/gimp-freetype-0.2.tar.gz seems to get around
several font problems.

good luck!

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