> I have been trying for 4 months now to have my Gimp (latest stable version)
> save in PSD format.  I have tried to compile the patch found on the Gimp web
> site and all I get is errors.
> Has anyone got a Gimp system running with PSD save working?  I have RH 7.0
> Please help as I am so desperate that I downloaded the Windoze version, put
> it on my daughters PC and, shock horror, PSD save works.
> Please don't force me to go back to the land of Bill.  ARRRGGGHHH!!

It might be that I'm wrong, but when I last tried to save in psd format,
it was an xcf file with the psd extension.
Maybe Gimp can only open the psd format, but not save in it?? (it's
Adobe's own format...)


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