hmm, pretty quick huh?

this guy also wrote alot of my favorite plug-ins.  poking around his web
site, i was wondering how many collections of photos there were out
there that people had made with photo mosaic in mind.

once i tried to make a fake batch of photo mosaic ready photos by making
about one hundred or so into darkened and lightend grey scale images.
unfortunately, those are long gone.

sorry to ramble ...

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the corrected plug-in is available in source and executable for 
Linux/i386 at



Carol Spears wrote:

>On 2002-04-06 at 2157.42 +0200, Peter Kirchgessner typed this mail:
>>Hi Carol,
>>EPS-files require an additional showpage command submitted to 
>>ghostscript. This is usually done by the ps-plugin. But these binary 
>>PostScript files (I have never seen before) are not recognized as 
>>EPS-files. The plug-in is not looking at the extension.

Peter Kirchgessner

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