they all work for me.  

i have been running into people who cannot find these scripts in the
menu.  i tell them to get the pdl and magically they work.

ask terral what it took to get terral text working on his computer.

in fact, when we were trying to get terral text around to show his girl
friend, we found that redhat had compiled their gimp rpm without the pdl
and he had to install the tarball to get it.

so. prolly you are right and installing the pdl does something else
magically ....  but doing that always works to get those plug-ins to
appear in the menus.


On 2002-04-14 at 1604.40 -0700, Seth Burgess typed this mail:
> > okay, many of the perl plug-ins that i use a lot need the pdl.  seems
> > like this has been a problem since i moved up to perl 5.5.  i don't
> > really know what it is.
> > 
> > i do know that if you are running perl 5.5 or above and you don't have
> > the pdl installed, there are several useful scripts that you will not
> > have access to via a gimp menu.  a couple of the guides scripts,
> > color2alpha and terral text are the plug-ins that i have the most recent
> > experience with.
> Carol,
> None of the scripts you mentioned use PDL.  One of them isn't a script
> (color2alpha commonly installed is in C.  There is one colourtoalpha thats a
> gimp-perl, but its not installed by default).
> You're having another problem.  What are your symptoms?
> Seth
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