Hello Albert,
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> Hello could you please help me ? I have bought the GIMP The Official 
> Handbook, and I have downloaded Gimp 1.2.0 and it works very well. But in the 
> GUM chapter 32 Enhance Filters there are two filters Sharpen & Unsharp Mask, 
> I can not use those two fiters; a click on filter and then enhance does not 
> display those two filters. In the user/lib/gimp/1.2/plug-ins directory there 
> are 157 plug-ins and of course sharpen and unsharp mask . So my question is : 
> how can I install those missing filters in my operating Gimp software ? Thank 
> you very much in advance for your cooperation. Best regards. Albert Lenoir 
> Cagnes France.

i guess we should ask the usual questions.

where did you get your gimp from?  which os are you using? and if you
are using linux, which flavor.

to be honest with you, i have never had trouble getting access to those
two plug-ins ....


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