On Tuesday 25 June 2002 11:55 am, Jeremiah Benham wrote:
> I was trying to create a flier in gimp. The problem I
> have is that the fonts look kind of fuzzt.
> I set the dpi when creating a new document to 600 and
> it still looks very fuzzy.  Is there anything you
> would suggest.  Is setting the dpi not enough?  I read
> online that this guy took his image size and muliplied
> it by 600 to get to look better.  If I do that though
> my image size estimation is about 700MB. Programs like
> star office and latex are producing small fonts fine
> without the blurryness.  What am I doing wrong?  Am I
> using gimp for the wrong thing. If so what program
> would you suggest for creating fliers?  Sdraw? Latex?
> Some of the features in gimp seem invaluable for what
> I am trying to do.
> Thanks
> Jeremiah

Here is what I do. I set my string of text in Plain tex, at about the size I 
want it to be.  (laTeX just gets in the way for this application.) 
I create a ps file at 600 DPI.
I load this into Gimp, making sure to set precision at 600 dpi as I import it.
I make sure that if I copy this text to another document in Gimp that it is
also set up at 600 dpi.  

Then after all my Gimping I save the final document at the appropriate size
and density (600 dpi.) 

The trick is to not let Gimp revert to 72 dpi at any point. 

The Gimp fonts are OK but sometimes you can't make them big enough without
losing precision. 

John C.


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