I wrote:
>I have a closed outline on an otherwise transparent layer. I want to fill 
>the area inside the outline, but not the area outside the outline.

"Denis McCauley" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Just cut and paste your outline onto a colored background, select the 
> interior of your outline with the magic wand then fill with whatever
> color or pattern you want. Now, add an alpha channel to the image,
> select the exterior of your outline with the magic wand and
> "edit cut".

Sounds good. Here's what another person sent (thanks Nigel):

>Place a white layer underneath - return to the transparent layer - 
>double click fill tool; turn on sample merged and set MODE to BEHIND, 
>will probably need to push threshold up as well, then fill.

It worked well.

Regards, K.

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