Hi Steve -

In flipping between the various tabs on the layers and channels dialog I have 
found it's really easy to be looking at one thing and editing another.  When 
you want to edit a channel, make sure (a), that that channel is both visible 
and selected s the active channel; ditto for the layer mask, or the layer 
itself.  You need to select the proper thing in the layers and channels 
dialog, and then move back to the image window to do your actual modifying 
with the drawing tools.  You might want to make sure, too, that you aren't 
trying to work outside an active selection, or that you don't have "preserve 
transparency" turned on.  Also, make sure that the color you're using to draw 
with isn't the same as the background of the channel you're trying to draw 
into. (/me speaks from experience).



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