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> Hello there.
> I seem to recall the question being asked already, but I don't recall any reply. The 
>mailing list archives don't throw any light on the subject either.
> Under Linux, running the GIMP version 1.2.3, there is no support for the GIF file 
>format. A search of the plugins repository shows up a Windows extension, but that's 
>it. Can the Windows one be used for Linux, and if so, how? If not, how do I get GIF 
>support into the GIMP for Linux? I'd specifically like to produce images with a 
>transparent background and animations.
> One suggestion from the list was to produce some other format and convert it with 
>ImageMagick - this works for transparency (create a PNG and convert to a GIF). Has 
>anyone had experience with this path to animated GIFs?
> It would be nicer to be able to produce the final result directly from the GIMP of 
> Yours hopefully, K.
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I'm also interested in GIF support on Linux.  I DO understand the usage restrictions 
Unisys enforces, so I DO understand why GIF support is NOT shipped w/ GIMP.  However, 
I *DO* have libungif installed and I understand that IS a library that provides 
support for this image format.  Can libungif be used for GIF support on Linux?

As for the Windows plug-in, that is an executable so unless you can run Windows 
executables (like via wine) from GIMP, I don't think you can use the Windows plug-in.




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