Karl Auer asks:
>Under Linux, running the GIMP version 1.2.3, there is no support for the GIF file 
>format. A search of the plugins repository shows up a Windows extension, but that's 
>it. Can the Windows one be used for Linux, and if so, how? If not, how do I get GIF 
>support into the GIMP for Linux? I'd specifically like to produce images with a 
>transparent background and animations.

Please explain why you concluded that there is no GIF support.  I've been running the 
gimp since back in the  0.99 days, and I never had any trouble importing or saving as 
GIF files.  Did you make sure the image you were trying to save had been converted to 
indexed mode first?  That's usually the problem if, for example, the .gif extension is 
grayed out.

I'm currently running gimp-1.2.3 compiled from sources on a RH 7.1 system, and I don't 
remember ever having to do anything particular to get/keep GIF support.


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