I asked ...

> > I want to erase the edges of a GIF or PNG [in GIMP] to make it look as
though it has
> > been torn out of a magazine.  I can erase to a white background around
> > edges but can't figure out how to make that transparent.  The reason
> > the 'background' must be transparent is that the graphic is to be
> > over another graphic but I can't get rid of that straight-edged white
> > square formed by the white 'background'.

... and Geoffrey replied ...

> image->alpha->add alpha channel
> Before you remove the edges.

Well, this works just fine and displays correctly.  But when I import the
PNG graphic into FrameMaker the areas supposedly erased to transparent are
restored.  (Still displays correctly in The Gimp.)  Is this just a
FrameMaker quirk?


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