John Culleton wrote:
>By golly it works! Reddish colors are faded a bit. I suppose the cure
>is to adjust in gimp to make the image overly red and then save and do
>the conversion via pnmtotiffcmyk.
>I did the test by scanning the image in xsane, all default values, and
>then converting that image. I compared the original scanned pnm image to
>the converted image, both being viewed in kview.
>Interestingly enough the converted image when loaded into Gimp had
>the same color balance (to my eye at least) as the converted image
>viewed in Kview.=20
>The two programs mentioned above by Roland are part of the netpbm=20
>available on netpbm replaces some older utilities
>found in the pbmplus package.=20
>Now I have a new toy to play with! But there is a very practical
>application when creating book covers etc. where the printer wants the
>image in a cmyk tiff. I have to play with color balancing, flesh
>tones etc.=20

Hi John
Before you go too far with your  color experimentation it's better to check 
with your print shop, get some proofs of your basic experiments for 
comparison, ask the print shop's advice, etc, because what you see is NOT 
what you get when you export from screen to print, unless you're using 
something sophisticated and horribly expensive like PS (and even then....)
Denis McCauley

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