On Wednesday 09 October 2002 04:04 pm, Denis McCauley wrote:
> John Culleton wrote:
> >By golly it works! Reddish colors are faded a bit. I suppose the
> > cure is to adjust in gimp to make the image overly red and then
> > save and do the conversion via pnmtotiffcmyk.
> Hi John
> Before you go too far with your  color experimentation it's better to
> check with your print shop, get some proofs of your basic experiments
> for comparison, ask the print shop's advice, etc, because what you
> see is NOT what you get when you export from screen to print, unless
> you're using something sophisticated and horribly expensive like PS
> (and even then....) Cheers
> Denis McCauley
> http://www.tenui.tk

Thanks for reminding me. For non-photographic use some color shift
would not be a problem. For photos for covers only fleshtones would be
a major problem. I just hope to have the on-screen image look close to
the original photo. My experiments are just to compensate for color
shift caused by conversion. You are correct, the cmyk image on the
monitor is not going to be identical to what is printed. 

You mention "something horribly expensive like PS." PS to me is
PostScript but clearly you mean something else. Photoshop? If I had
the bucks for Photoshop I would not be looking for a free conversion
utility :-)

My goal is to have a cmyk image that the printer can use, which I can
not obtain directly from Gimp. Some fiddling in prepress is
inevitable, for a variety of reasons. That's his problem. 

Thaniks for writing.

John Culleton

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