> Paul Thomas writes:
> > was wondering if Gimp can put text on a curved line. I need to
> > have some text around the outside of a circular image.
> Walker, Sam writes:
> > My version of GIMP, 1.2.3, has a Script Fu->Logos->Text Circle plugin,
> > that creates text in a circle.
> Wow, I don't even have a Logos section in Script Fu, in either 1.2.3
> (RH73 RPM) or 1.2.4 (from tarball).  I wonder what else I'm missing?
> Anyone know where to get Text Circle?

I use GIMP 1.2.2. The Text Circle Plugin is in the Logos Section of Script 
Fu. In the Main window you find it under XTNS, not in the Context Menue of 
the picture.

Hope I could help you.

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