[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-10-10 at 1811.23 -0400):
>  I hava very fast AMD & 1/2 gig mem & big swap space & am using SuSE pro 
> 8 OS. Normal for Gimp? soon to be fixed? continue to use PhS in windoz?

Did you tunned the cache config option (asked in first setup, or via
<Toolbox> / Preferences / Environment / Resource Consumption) or run
with the default value (32MB, iirc)? It is the classical "Gimp is
slow" problem, could be something else, but better start with the more
normal cases.

You should set it to something like 256 or 384MB (that means Gimp will
use up to that value of RAM+swap provided by the OS, and above that
would use its own swap system). You can even set it to 512MB or more,
so Gimp data will use OS swap, which could be faster than the app swap
(depends where OS swap is and where app swap file is, pretty clear
when OS swaps to a fast local disk and app swaps to network disk).

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