Hi all.

I'd like to create a fairly large image, suitable for printing on A0. I'd like the 
image to be of relatively good quality, even from fairly close up.

At 300 dpi, it seems I have to create an image 9933 pixels wide by 14043 pixels deep 
(A0 being 33.11 x 46.81 inches), forgetting the margins for the moment. That's 140 
megapixels, or about 3 gigabytes in 24bit colour. I fear my machine would be swapping 
until Doomsday.

Dropping it to 75 dpi works out at about 9 megapixels or about 200 megabytes - much 
more manageable, but will it look any good?

Another issue is the base imagery. Working on Web images (or images for screen display 
generally), this hasn't been a problem, but I can imagine that if I scale a single 
megapixel up to 9, or 140, that the original image wil be looking pretty shabby, and 
fixing it will be a LOT of work.

What do other people do for poster-size work?

Regards, K.

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