I would like to develop (or preferably locate) a tool somewhat similar to
the default gimp autocrop, but with this difference:  It would allow you to
specify a threshold range in some manner for the border that is to be
cropped.  If it handles RGB that would be fine, but in my case all that I
really care about is grayscale.

I've searched the gimp registry and didn't see anything similar, so I'm
considering writing one of my own by using the existing autocrop plug-in as
a starting point.  I've done some preliminary looking at the code and have
written pseudo-code for the primary changes that would be needed.  However,
I can't seem to locate any docs on what you actually need in order to
compile a plug-in...

In autocrop libgimp is the only external library that is used, and I don't
think that I need anything else either, at least for a simple initial
version with hardcoded threshold values and no user interface.

I would think that I can easily locate and download the header file(s) for
libgimp.  But I'm an inexperienced C developer, and don't know what else if
anything that I may need.  I will be mucking with tiff files, but since gimp
itself will be doing all of the actual file interaction, I don't think that
I should need libtiff or anything like that, right?  Also, I don't need the
libgimp source other than the header files, do I?

Finally, I will be doing my work under Windows.  I have several compilers
available, including a couple of versions of Microsoft Visual C++.  I don't
want my plug-in to be dependent on Cygwin libraries or anything like that,
so I don't plan to use Cygwin for this development.  By default (because I
don't know any better) I was planning to MSVC++ 6.0 to write and compile the
plug-in.  Will this work?  Are there any other tools that I am likely to
need in order to develop this extremely simple plug-in?

After compiling, I believe that all I should need to do to run the plug-in
is to locate it in the proper gimp subdirectory on my machine, right?

Thanks in advance for any tips.

Kevin M.
Round Rock, Texas

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