Seems the reply got lost somewhere.

[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-10-25 at 2109.22 -0600):
> My husband does all the technical stuff for me, but we do have a font
> called Keystroke that came with Corel draw. There is another one
> called Keycaps. You might do a search and find a source for it.
> > In one of my previous installations of Gimp there was a font in which
> > each glyph looked like a keyboard key with a letter on it. Is was
> > intended no doubt for computer manuals and such. 
> > Does anyone remember the font, and have a current source of supply?

Judy gave me an idea:
xlsfonts | grep -i key

Maybe what you are missing is the freefonts and sharefonts packs, they
are in the GIMP FTP.

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