>From the old-photo script:

 (if (= inSepia TRUE)
            (begin (gimp-desaturate theLayer)
                   (gimp-brightness-contrast theLayer -20 -40)
                   (gimp-color-balance theLayer 0 TRUE 30 0 -30)

Or, in plain text:  Start by desaturating the layer.
Adjust the brightness and contrast (Image->Colors->Brightness-Contrast) to -20 
and -40.
And then sepiaize it by Image->Colors->Color-Balance, setting the color levels 
(the top three entry boxes) to 30, 0, and -30.  In other words, increase the 
red, leave the green alone, and decrease the blue (or increase the yellow, 
depending on how you want to look at it.)  This actually does a nice job.



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