I have GIMP 1.2.3 for Linux and need script that well automate creating of
modified menu for my site. Script must to:

1) Flatten active image

2) Select rectangular from top left corner (0x0) in size of 171x111 pixel

3) Copy selection, make new image 171x111 in size, paste copied selection
from previous step in new image, flatten this image (if needed) and convert
to Indexed mode with 50 colors, and then save this image as top.png and
then close this image

4) Make relevance selections in base image in dimensions 171x19 pixel,
eight times, first selection start at 0x112 pixel left x down), and every
other +19 pixel, then all other like for top.png image, but with name
btn0[number_of_image].png, same png properties

5) Make one selection 171x54 from 0x264, and all other manipulation like
for other images, but with bottom.png name.

6) Else I will upgrade my self

Because I'm script newbie, I need one example for this and I will enhance
this basics to what I need in future.

If there is some tool to record actions in GIMP like in Adobe Photoshop,
that well be pretty nice and usefull (I think :).


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