On 2002-12-10 at 1304.46 -0800, Ariel Kass typed this:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to know where i can get good info about using
> GIMP for creating PNG and MNG files. I've searched a
> bit and only got to sites with general info about the
> 2 formats but no practical uses and examples...
i have an example of a transparent png on the front page of my webpage:
http://carol.gimp.org  (lewing drew it ;))

i am developing a web site where the *bigwigs* said "only png" and this
is what i have learned to do with them:

photo or complex image:
RGBA, which means make sure it is one layer with an alpha channel
(Layers-->Add Alpha Channel) then (for web use) pick the best color
possible in the background color of the gimp toolbox (crappy browsers
need something thoughtful there).  then save with the "Save background
color" option and the other defaults.

screenshot or logo:
INDEXED, one layer this time use Layers-->Flatten Image and then
Mode-->Indexed.  now when you save, don't save the background color.

i don't know about mng, sorry.

> I'd also like to comment that for some reason in my
> windows version of GIMP I cannot save a file in GIF
> format - is this how it is supposed to be??
there are some issues and so that is available separately from here:

i was wondering if you could strip the digest stuff from the Subject
line.  these emails are archived.  if the subject of this had contained
something like "windows gimp can't save gifs" then someone searching the
archives for such an answer might find their answer also ;)

good luck with the pngs.  gifs are terrible.  for so many reasons.


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