On Thursday 26 December 2002 13:40, zeus wrote:
> John Culleton wrote:
> > On Wednesday 25 December 2002 02:36, sam ende wrote:
> >>i need to convert an xcf)from rgb to a cymk tif (for commercial
> >>printing) image, how do i do this best ?
> >>
> >>thanks
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> >>sammi
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> > There is a free program pnmtotiffcmyk in the pbm pack of
> > conversion programs. Save your gimp image as pnm first of course.
> >
> > When I used it on a photo the colors were a bit duller.
> Iam also intrested on usiong gimp as printing graphic soft. Where i
> can find pbm or pnm. And how to do it.

From my previous reply:
The two programs mentioned above by Roland are part of the netpbm
available on sourceforge.net. netpbm replaces some older utilities
found in the pbmplus package.
The programs come with Man pages. and there is some online help.

You are correct: CMYK capability will break down a big barrier and
they are correct: this is not a trivial task. Jokes or no jokes, it is
important to keep this objective at the front of the development
effort. Ultimately we hope to be able to load, manipulate, save and
separate CMYK images. The problem with conversion programs is color
balance. CMYK has a more limited gamut than other formats. So when you
convert the colors shift. To correct this shift one has to work more
or less blind in some other form, like RGB. 

As a stopgap a color correction feature that distorts an RGB image so
that it uses the limited gamut of a corresponding CMYK image might be
useful. I don't know about the technical practicalities of this

My thanks of course to the developer community that makes this at
least a future dream if not a present reality. 


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