Niklas wrote:
On Thu, 2002-12-26 at 14:40, zeus wrote:

Iam also intrested on usiong gimp as printing graphic soft. Where i
find pbm or pnm. And how to do it.

I can not wait untill 2010 to wait gimp supporting CMYK, if GIMP want
beat PS, the first target is supporting CMYK.

I don't think that the main idea of GIMP is to beat any other
application. And also you didn't really read the whole mail did you?

He said j-o-k-e.....

But it will take time to do this things even though you might think it
is easy it is not. You have to give things like this time.

And next time read the whole mail and don't read between the lines. What
I think he tries to say is that there is no actual date for anything
right now.

Ahhaha it's my mistake, i know it was a joke, but i forget to tell you guys, that i also didn't very serious when telling that gimp beat other applications (f.e PS). I like GIMP a lot, in fact right now iam making a manga (japanese comic) using gimp, since it's only use grayscale mode. I dont have to worry about gamut or CMYK color corection.

If i want to making color illustration, i switch into W$ and run PS. Since it's faster coloring in PS, for printing only. If making color illustration for screen some time usin GIMP (linux).

OK, my apologize, if some one affense what i was said. But, it would be great if GIMP support CMYK (hehehe :) ), but i can wait......and pray, coz i can't help. I am not a apps programer. hehehe ;)

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