> I want to make one colour of an indexed image transparent. Can you do this
> in GIMP?

select->by color, then cut (ctrl-x) or clear (ctrl-k)

> longer explanation:
> I've taken a photo of a face with a digital camera and have indexed that image,
> as a GIF (to save space for a final animation). I want to make the resulting
> indexed background colour transparent, then distort the image in various ways,
> eg. using Bend, and then insert the various images into layers to make a
> GIF animation, with a transparent background. I can do all of this except for
> the transparent background part.
> I've seen other programs that automatically make the bottom left hand pixel
> of a GIF transparent but can't see how to do this simply with GIMP. Feel
> there should be a simpler way than having to select the face and paste it
> into a transparent background -- it would be very difficult to select the face
> accurately.

if your background is easy to select, selecting the face is as easy as selecting
the background and inverted the selection, isn't it?

> - Bill Kerr



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