thank you all those who suggsted how to convert rgb into cmyk. i would have 
replied but then i noticed that hitting 'reply' on my reader (knode) would 
send the reply to the individual and not the list. ack.
why ?, i can't find a way of changing this either. i think that's annoying.

as an aside, i have read that photoshop has a function that allows you to go 
back and undo selected parts of images. i think that's neat, because 
sometimes, especially with layering you like some changes an additional layer 
makes but you lose other parts you liked (iyswim), hence with this tool you 
can just select the bits you would like retain by selecting that part and 
undoing the change just for that part. 
is there anything similar in the gimp ? if not is it possible to do ?

i seem to be the only person on rederosity who uses gimp :))))
and i am telling people it is free :))) (and good, of course)

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