Does anyone out there happen to know of a utility that can simply change the
image resolution values that are imbedded in a TIFF file?  For example, I
would like to be able to change 200 dpi to 400 dpi and thereby reduce the
output size of the image by half, while maintaining the same pixel count.  I
don't want to waste a bunch of time reading and writing the actual pixel
data, rather just directly replace the resolution values instead.

Why would I want to do that?  Well for one thing, it would just be handy
sometimes to maintain relative image quality while changing the image size.
But primarily I need this at the moment because it might allow me to work
around a bug in gimp 1.2.4 that seems to be triggered by exceeding a certain
physical dimension size limit for an image (NOT a maximum file size or pixel

I think that perhaps this can be accomplished with ImageMagick, but I don't
seem to be able to figure out the proper command line parameters.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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