Thanks to Jon for the suggestion.

Jon's approach (using mogrify's -density option) does indeed result in the
desired change to the file.  I was surprised to find that this worked, since
the docs indicate that -density only applies to decoding of PS and PDF

Unfortunately using mogrify in this manner is quite slow for the very large
images that I am working with.  Obviously ImageMagick is loading the entire
file then writing it right back out again.  That's completely unnecessary
when all I want to accomplish is to make a simple change to two metadata
fields in the header for the image in the tiff file.

At the moment I'm considering modifying tiffset (a simple utility supplied
with libtiff) to give me something that can (hopefully) change the
resolution metadata hundreds of times more quickly.  That's important,
because I have a large number of very large images to be modified.


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> I think I found it over on the ImageMagick user list...
> Try this:
> mogrify -density 96 foo.tiff
> Instead of 96 use whatever you want the resolution to be.
> Good luck!
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