Andres Montiel wrote:

> Thanks for the info. I shall look for a HOWTO for Gnome. :)

Well, this will depend on which WM you are using in Gnome. Gnome 2.0 was using
Sawfish as default, but some distribution (RedHat and Mandrake for instance)
replaced it by Metacity which is the new default (gnome 2.2). Unfortunately, it
seems none have this basic feature, but I could be wrong (it's just by
searching with google).

good luck.

By the way, this is



I just have had a possible idea to implement this easily maybe, so I'll shout
it here, hoping that Sven or any other developer who really know coding may
read and judge if it could work. ;)

Dumb idea :
xmms, the panels and a few others applications do use window manager hints to
stay always on top. Couldn't there be an _optional_ possibility that the
toolbox window did use this kind of hint to tell the window manager that it
wants to stay always on top?

for instance _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE as defined in

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