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What's a good processor for gimp?  I'm pricing a new computer.  I
kind of have my eye on Intel's 3.06 P4 but am waiting for prices to
drop.  What are some advantages of other processors?  Mostly what I
want is quicker processing of some plugins, and being able to run
other programs at the same time.  Almost anything will be better than
my Celery, but I want something really good and not outrageously
expensive.  What should I look for?


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I do all right with an Athlon running at about 795 Mhz. Tiger Direct
will have deals on computers, cpu+motherboard etc. that will be much
faster than that.
I was on a Celeron 400 with .5 gig pc100, migrated to an athlon xp 1800+ with .5 gig ddr. Either is sufficient, but the athlon obviously blows the Celeron away.

Tiger Direct has always appeared to be high to me, I've not been there in a while because of that fact.

Check various vendors.

The efficiency of your OS will also be a factor. I am running
Slackware Linux but I am looking at Gentoo Linux which has all kinds
of speed optimizations that are selectable depending on your chip. When I find time I will get it running (installation is a bit of a
Gentoo is sweet, but not for the novice.

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