David Burren <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Surely something like this would work?
> - Duplicate the layer
> - Select the appropriate area
> - With one layer active, clear the selected area
> - Switch to the other layer, invert the selection, and again clear

I wrote:
> OK, I'll try that.  It sounds like it will do what I need, which is
> satisfactory for now.

On second thought, it's not quite what I want, though it may be a step
in the right direction.  The problem is that there are going to be
multiple rectangular selections in the same page that I want to move
from the original layer into a new layer.  And I want them to wind up
in a *single* new layer, not a bunch of them.  I guess that if each
selection wound up in a distinct new layer, that I could hide the
original layer then use Merge Visible Layers, but by the time all is
said and done this will be quite a cumbersome process.

And once I get my selections into the second layer, I still need to
figure out how to save the two layers into independent TIFF files.


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