Eric wrote:

> Is there an easy way to select a rectangular area and then move (cut/paste)
> it to the same location on a different layer?  When I try normal cut & paste,
> there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to preserve the exact location.

Instead of doing a cut (^X), try doing a copy (^C) on the rectangular area.  
Then you can create a new layer (transparent, if you like) and paste the copy 
into it.  This will put the copy at the same coordinates as the original.  
Using cut as the first operation centers the resulting paste operation.  Of 
course to remove the same rectangle from the original layer you need to 
recover it, which you can do with alpha-to-selection in the layer where you 
pasted it the first time.

> Is there an easy way to save each layer to separate files?

Short answer - no.  You only save images.  Now, if you want to make only one 
layer visible, then you can save the image (<Image>/File/Save as ...), and 
repeat ad lib for each separate layer.  A script fu to do this might be easier.



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