On Sun, Feb 23, 2003 at 06:46:00PM -0500, Gregory Propf wrote:
> Well, yes that works but it just makes a copy in a new window.  I need 
> to be able to copy all the layers into an *existing* image.  I guess 
> there's no hope.  I'm getting the impression that they might have taken 
> this out for some reason.  Oh well.

I think the problem is that the Gimp clipboard can only handle a single
4-value (RGBA) layer.  It sounds possible to me to make it handle a set
of layers, though only the Gimp developers could say if it's really
feasible :)

I've often thought it would be useful if any gimp tool (including Copy),
not just movement, could be made to apply to a whole bunch of layers at
once.  Perhaps add another toggle called "selected for modification" in
the Layers dialogue, along the lines of "lock for movement".  And change
internal structures suitably :)  I have to admit to not having looked
at the source to see if it is in any way practicable.

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