On Monday 24 February 2003 13:04, William H. Fissell wrote:
> Hi,
> I am running RH8.0 out of the box, other than that I compiled and
> installed gimp-print 4.3.10.  I am trying to use gimpto print to my HP
> 7150, which prints a test page fine under CUPS or lprNG, but is mangled
> and wrong with any gimp settings I invent--
> - the only photosmart options in the gimp/gimp-print combo I have are
> 1000 and 1100-- those give me garbled output
> -setting it as a postscript 2 printer and using the foomatic ppd file
> gives me no output- not even a listing in the spool directory.
> Any out there got this printer up and running with GIMP?
> thanks in advance,
> Bill

Hi Bill,

One question I'd ask right off is, is your printer working fine with anything 
else, like OpenOffice, or Abiword - anything? Juat need to know if the thing 
works at all with your setup, aside from a test page.

Assuming it does though, one way to print is to print to a file as a 
postscirpt file. Then print the file using some variant of Ghostview or some 
other postscript viewer, or just using a console window and the lpr command.
You will need to know what your system is calling your printer - it has been 
given a name by your system if it is capable of printing with lpr.

For example, if your system calls your printer something like, "hp1750" then 
you could print the postscript file of the picture from a console with the 

        lpr -Plp hp1750

If your system calls your printer, "marsattacks" and you want 5 copies, you 
would use,

        lpr -Plp -K5 marsattacks

Of course, you would have to be in the same spot in the directory tree as the 
postscript picture file to be printed to not have to type out the directory 
tree together with the file name.

Let me know if this helps, and good luck! There are probably (or should be) 
better ways, but this should get you by.

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