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> On Thursday 13 March 2003 03:02 pm, Nigel Ridley wrote:
> > Does anyone know if the Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman works ok
> > under Linux - especially with The Gimp (I can't afford a tablet
> > :-()? I'm not sure how many buttons it has - looks like about 6 or
> > 7.
> >
> > How does one drag and drop (ie. moving a graphic around inside a
> > graphic) using
> > a trackball - does the *lock* button work, or does one have to
> > struggle holding the *left* button down whilst moving the trackball?
> >
> > Blessings,
> >
> > Nigel Ridley
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> Nigel,
> I think you will find the trackball works just fine under Linux.  I
> have used the Logitech Optical trackball before without problems,
> although it was not the cordless model.  The mice work ok, so should
> the trackball.
> One thing I am not sure about though.  You may not like the trackball 
> for drawing and such.  It is kinda cumbersome to use for such things
> in my experience.  The mouse works better for drawing and of course,
> the tablet the best, if you can afford one.
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It was because of the stuttering of my mouse whilst trying to move one
pixel at a time (without magnifying too much) that got me thinking about
a trackball - is it difficult trying to hold the *left* button and move
the trackball at the same time? That's why I asked about the *locking*


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