On Tuesday 18 March 2003 08:25 am, Adriano Fagiolini wrote:
> Hi,
> My name's Adriano. I'm really desperate. I need to do a picture containing
> some text formatted as in LaTeX. I mean that I need to write a letter with
> the sign of a vector as you do in physics. Is there any program that can
> help me? Is it possible to do it in GIMP? I'm sure it is, but how? I
> actually need to do some simple image containing rectangles, circles and
> lines. But I can I add the letter "\theta" or "\vec{\omega}"? Please,
> answer me soon! Help me!
> Thank you!
> Adriano

Don't be desperate! But do research what is available. I use TeX and Gimp
in concert frequently. I would first look in the TeXbook to see if the symbol 
you need is in one of the math fonts. If not I would look in the manual for 
pstricks to see if it could be constructed easily there.  You certainly can 
use the commands \theta and \Theta in plain TeX, LaTeX etc. LaTeX is a bit 
constricting so it might help to create the letter in a PS file using plain 
Tex,  import it into Gimp, and then manipulate it there. 

I think if you combine TeX's math fonts, the picture drawing capability of 
pstricks and the combining capabilities of Gimp you will solve your problem.

John Culleton
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