On Tuesday 18 March 2003 05:25 am, Adriano Fagiolini wrote:
> My name's Adriano. I'm really desperate. I need to do a picture containing 
some text formatted as in LaTeX. I mean that I need to write a letter with 
the sign of a vector as you do in physics. Is there any program that can help 
me? Is it possible to do it in GIMP? I'm sure it is, but how? I actually need 
to do some simple image containing rectangles, circles and lines. But I can I 
add the letter "\theta" or "\vec{\omega}"?
> Please, answer me soon! Help me! 
> Thank you!

If you mean you want a block of LaTeX formatted text in a drawing, then the
advice about using Sketch may be helpful to you.

However, it sounds to me like you want to render some math and then use it as 
an artistic element.

To do that, what you'll want is to work from Postscript.  Render the desired 
LaTeX to Postscript.  Then use Gimp or ImageMagick or Ghostscript (which is
what they all use under the hood, actually -- and from the gs command line
you can be much more specific) to render the Postscript to a bitmap at the
desired resolution (pixel-size). Voila! You have a bitmap of the desired 
object, which you can then manipulate in Gimp -- color it, mask it, run
filters on it, whatever.

Variations are possible, of course -- in some programs you can rotate the 
postscript before rendering it (if that's required).  Otherwise you can just 
do a bitmap rotation -- in practice that usually works well enough.

I used a very similar method to render Japanese Kanji -- I used Yudit with 
the Cyberbit far-east fonts and rendered the result as Postscript. The rest 
is just like the above.  Basically, if you can get Postscript, you're most of 
the way there.


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