Steven Lembark wrote:

> Taking in tif's from vuescan, would like to save PNG's.
> These are medical slides that will end up being used
> for presentations.
> TIFF files are 16-bit grayscale. Save As -> PNG seems
> to leave me with 8-bit:

Gimp does not support 16 bit per channel images. If you want a soft, be
it an image viewer, an image convertor or an image editor supporting
this feature for PNG, have a look at the PNG home page ( ), where you might find some information.

If you need a converter, you may instead try imagemagick ( ). In general, Imagemagick is better suited than gimp
for conversion task, because gimp is an image manipulation and edition
If you need an editor, cinepaint (, which will
remind you gimp, as it is actually a fork of an old version of gimp.



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