On Wednesday 26 March 2003 06:35 pm, Daniel Carrera wrote:
 > Hello,
 > I've been using Gimp for a while.  I keep hearing that Gimp has a
 > 72dpi limitation and Photoshop doesn't, but I really don't
 > understand how that is.  I am interested in trying out some printed
 > postes, and I want to understand this issue beforehand.
(big snip)

Maybe this site will help you understand the differences between 
Photoshop and Gimp.  It should also explain why you should use Gimp in 
most cases as well.  :o)


It's a good site to pass along to someone thinking about the move to 
Gimp or Gimp & Linux, when they are trying to get away from all the 
expensive software on a Windows or Mac machine.  

I don't know the site, but I know there is info about the Film Gimp that 
many of the Hollywood companies are using now in Linux to produce all 
the films graphics.  I am not sure when the two Gimps will begin to 
migrate, but it's pretty certain all the attributes Film Gimp has will 
end up in Gimp as well.


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