This is more of a curiosity question.
When I was in elementary school I was taught that the primary colours were 
yellow, blue and red.  I used those to create "secondary colours": green, 
orange, purple.

Today I know that the "primary colours" are red, green and blue since the 
human retina has 3 kinds of cones which detect precisely those colours.  I 
also know that, when using paints, you use cyan, magneta and yellow 
because paint colours are subtractive and these are the complements of the 
primary colours:

cyan    = white - red
magneta = white - green
yellow  = white - blue

I would like to reconcile this, with what I was taught in school.  My 
grade-school teaching got yellow right, and I can see that "cyan" could be 
taught as "blue" to a kid.  But magneta doesn't look like red.

Did my grade-school teacher lie to me?

Daniel Carrera
Graduate Teaching Assistant.  Math Dept.
University of Maryland.  (301) 405-5137
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