i'm kind of new to the list , but have been useing gimp since redhat 5.2 cameout. i was wondering if people who are on the development team could refine the gimps polygon lasso tool a bit more to be able to interact with the box selecton tool, and the circle selection to to eather crop the selection, or add, and subtract from the selection. i have noticed that when i try makeing lower 3rds for T.v. i start off with a rectangle select tool, and then use the polygon select tool to subtract or add parts to the selection, but on the gimp it is not seeming to work that well. also something that might also help alot of people who have to work with photoshop on a daily basis, is if for hte icon of the polygon select to you could use something simular to the lasso icon that photoshop uses? it took me a long time to finaly find that, i'm also still looking for the line tool.

-luke galutia

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