Brian Perkins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Here is the correct way to do this. Do not change the configure
> script, do not change the make file. This information, and lots of
> other configuation options explained, can be found by adding the -h
> (help) option to the ./configure script invocation, although it is
> not quite specific about this exact option. Here is what to enter to
> compile pango with freetype support: ./configure
> --with-PACKAGE=pangoft2

I'm afraid this is not correct. Check the output of configure --help:

 Optional Packages:
   --with-PACKAGE[=ARG]    use PACKAGE [ARG=yes]

This is a standard configure argument and rarely used. If at all, the
correct syntax would be:

 ./configure --with-pangoft2

Since I know the pango configure script quite well, I know that
there's no switch to enable/disable the use of freetype. All you need
to do in order to compile PangoFT2 is to install freetype2 and
fontconfig before you run configure. If the freetype backend is not
listed at the end of the configure run, you should have a look at
config.log. With a bit of experience you should be able to find out
what is causing the problem. In case you don't, don't resist to ask

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