Hi!  Ok, someone on a message board I moderate on asked how to make a
composite image from two images to be used as a desktop background.

Here are the source images:

http://www.rytekmotorsports.com/neo-anime-big.jpg (1600x1200)

He wanted to make the "matrix-1024" image the background and have Neo in
the foreground.

Someone replied to his post with these instructions:

1) resize Neo to 1024 x 768
2) make a new layer
3) copy and paste matrix background into Neo picture
4) send that layer to background
5) "add layer mask/reveal all" from layer menu
6) select Neo layer and select all white parts with the magic wand
7) fill the selected area with BLACK , the matrix background will appear

8) apply a little Blur to the Neo Layer to blur edges
9) voila!

So I decided to try this and I was able to get the wallpaper image
created.  However, my version of "Neo" has a white line outlining him
whereas the person who posted the instructions produced a version with
NO outline using PhotoShop.

Instructor's version:

My version:

Why does my version have a white outline around Neo where the
instructor's version doesn't?




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