Hago Ziegler wrote:

> Hi Tom,
> I tried it too:
> A part of the result you can find at:
> http://www.hagoschaos.de/h/freunde/neo-anime-big-teil.jpg
> No white or grey outlines at all.
> On neo-anime-big.jpg, without resizing:
> 1.Add Alpha-Channel
> 2.select white regions with magic-wand, sensibility:~45
> 3.grow selection: 1
> 4.now resize, then
> 5.copy the result and paste it into the matrix...jpg
> that's all.
> Regards,   Hago

Cool!  Thanks!  I see how the 'Grow Selection' can really be useful.  :)

Question:  is there any benefit to using an Alpha-Channel instead of a
layer mask, in this case?



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