Greetings everybody!

I was just wondering if it is possible to have gimp (1.3.15) start/open on a certain Gnome-workspace I set up. I have two workspaces in my current Gnome environment. One is called "Main" and the other "Gimp". Now I want to force gimp to workspace "Gimp" when I start it from the foot-menu (no matter if the currently active workspace is "Main" or "Gimp"). Is this possible? Or do I have to write a dedicated startup-script in order to accomplish this? I've searched with google for some time now. All the info I was able to find on the recent Gnome 2.x desktop didn't help in regards to this issue.

Furthermore reading through the sourcecode of whatever module would be responsible for this isn't exactely the kind of thing I want to do right now. So, sorry for being that "lazy" :)

Thanks in advance for you time and kind advice!

Best regards...

Mirco "MacSlow" Müller

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