Using Gimp v 1.2.3  and have successfully added a number of new fonts
that show up in the Text Tool font selection dialog box.  However, some
of the fonts (not mainstream type ones), while present in the list of
fonts, do not actually show up.  Instead I get a message:

"This is a 2-byte font and may not be displayed correctly."

and the font that is displayed in the Preview looks like some kind of
default instead of the fancy font I'm trying to use.

However, this same font does work in Open Office, a couple other
apps, and xfontsel.  

Am I out of luck using such fonts with the Gimp?

Any pointers towards any write-ups on fonts and the Gimp would be
appreciated.  I already went through the Gimp manual at


but that seems to cover only how to add new fonts in.  I guess I'm
looking for some clarity on the difference between a 2-byte font and
other types (?) and what's useable with the Gimp.

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