Hi all;

First, let me state that I am no-where near a gimp power user, so 
don't confuse me with somebody who might know what they are doing.

The missus has been watching one of those tv shows where the lady 
making the quilt is using her scanner to get the patterns into the 
computer for her tweaking pleasure.  So I thought, how difficult is 
this gonna be since I've had this scanner and keep sane pretty well 
uptodate from tarballs.

So I dropped her background pattern on the scanner, a checkered tea 
towel sort of cotton rag, followed by the mini teacups and saucers I 
was going to plant in the middle of the background pattern to make 
her up some reproducable block patterns from some stuff she got that 
can be run thru an inkjet printer and then cutup for quilting pieces.

Yeah, sure.  I done this many times and usually load the result up 
into gimp to adjust and or print.  But the material has always been 
flat before, not 3d & a long ways from the scanner glass like a 
childs teacup turned upside down, with its saucer on top of it.  And 
a black book on top of that since the scanner lid obviously isn't 
gonna close on a 3" high object.

But in making the images visually usefull, I had to peg the xsane 
gamma slider all the way to 3, and diddle the britness and contrast 
up a ways since these cup and saucer things were about 2.5" tall & 
therefore hitting a quite wide density range in the raw images.

They actually looked pretty good, although elongated vertically by 
about 20%, something I figured one of our gfx proggies could fix.

And now the gimp (1.2.3 according to the help screen) cannot load 
them, any of them, claiming something is out of range.

PNM: invalid maximum value

and followed by a failure advisory window on top of that one.

So what do I do to fix this?  I made the mistake of telling the missus 
it was a piece of cake :(

Cheers, Gene
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