I'll keep this short.  Not sure if it would have been more
appropriate/acceptable for the GIMP Announce list or not.

Version 2.0 of the Graphics Muse Tools CD for Linux is now available. 
I've added 3 new Graphics Muse Plug-Ins (GFXLayers, GFXMerge, and
GFXShapes) as well as updated the older 'Muse plug-ins (GFXArrows,
GFXCards, GFXTrans and GFXDodge).  Presets are available for those
plug-ins that they make sense in and I've standardized the UI for all of

The CD has over 100 plug-ins, over 100 brushes and over 100 patterns
aside from the 'Muse plug-ins.  This release has specific builds for Red
Hat, SuSE, Mandrake and Debian.

The older Win32 edition is also available but without the updated and
new 'Muse plug-ins.  I can't add those to the Win32 version cuz I don't
know how to build GIMP plug-ins for Win32 yet.  I'm a Unix hack.

Cost: $24 for Version 2.0 of the CD.  $15 for version 1.0 of the CD. 
Both plus shipping and applicable taxes.  Source included for open
source plug-ins.

More info and screenshots: 
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