On Wednesday 18 June 2003 17:15, you wrote:
> > 1) filters->blur->gaussian blur, 3 hor, 2, V
> > 2) adjust brightness and contrast: enhance contrast, augment
> > brighness 3) repeat  steps 1 and 2 once.
> Thank you so much for answering so clearly, and so quickly! :)
> I've been playing with it for a few minutes now, and it looks like
> it can do what I need. Thanks!
> Is Gaussian blur what I should use to try to get rid of Bitmapping
> if I enlarge a digital color picture, too?

Hi there!

Hmmm...Yes... and as far as I know it can cure any disease, and turn
plumbum into gold.  :-)

Just kidding - but it's really a usefull tool, this blurring. I first
met it even before using the GIMP, for making  drop shadows by hand.

Just the other day, I met someone who would use Gaussian Blur to make
a better "detect edges"  than the filters built with this purpose.

And I certeinly use it to eliminate some of the aliasing when I
enlarge pictures. Just rest certain to set interpolation type to
Cubic, in the
(main)File->Preferences->Enviroment->Scaling  settings. It wil;l
certainly do you more good than gaussian blurring in this case.

> -Dee


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