> > I have a digital camera which has developed a few stuck pixels and
> > I'd like to automate the process of fixing them.
> >
> > I figure I can create either a bitmap with said pixels set or a
> > text list of pixel coordinates, but how can I get Gimp to do an
> > interpolation of the surrounding pixels at each of those points?
> If you have your  bitmap with the dead pixels ready:
> - add it as a layer to your photo.
> - select by color, pick the color of the good pixels
> - invert selection
> - move to photo layer
> - expand selection by 1 pisel (selection->expand)
> - Gassusian blur (filter->bluer->gaussian blur)

The blur, however, will still take in to account the value of the bad
pixel, right?  Is there any way to avoid that?

> And..on gimp-devel, people are talking of a soon-to-be-reality macro
> recorder that will let you automate this without typing a single line
> of code.

I was thinking of writing a plug-in and making use of some of the advanced
interpolation algorithms present in the "panorama tools" suite, but that's
a fair amount of work and a bit more than I'd like to bite of as a first
attempt at such things.

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