Brian White wrote:

let me suggest thinline.c available at the registry.

Okay. I found it, but I the English documentation page seems to be gone. What does it do and how do I use it?

I have a digital camera which has developed a few stuck pixels and I'd
like to automate the process of fixing them.

I figure I can create either a bitmap with said pixels set or a text list
of pixel coordinates, but how can I get Gimp to do an interpolation of
the surrounding pixels at each of those points?

I was thinking some more and figure I might be able to do it as script-fu (I've always wanted to learn scheme). It wouldn't be fast, but there are only a few pixels to do.

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I guess I would use the gimptool to install this filter. just typing "gimptool" in the command line will show the very helpful help menu.


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